Sunday, 26 July 2015

P/hop and a new pattern

I'm sure many of you will have heard of p/hop, but for those that haven't, it is a fundraising initiative for Medicine Sans Frontier (also known as Doctors without Boarders). A growing number of knitting and crochet designers have donated patterns to the cause, and if you want to get hold of the pattern a donation to MSF is requested.

Yesterday I went to the Fibre East show near Bedford in the UK.  It was the 3rd time I had volunteered to help out on the p/hop stall at a show, but this one was special because we were able to release my Heads Up sock pattern to the general public.  

This sock was previously available as a bonus pattern for participants in Sock Madness 9, and is now available via p/hop.  We had paper copies at the show, and it will shortly be available via the p/hop website.

I had great fun meeting loads of people on the stall, and it was a brilliant way to do some informal market research.  With any luck a lot of money was raised for the cause.


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